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S D M Fuel Solutions have covered many aspect of fuel tank cleaning and fuel spill, applying our services in the UK and Europe, our equipment is tested to be used on most tanks and we try and cover all types tank cleaning work.

Fuel testing

9 out of 10 samples tested in any fuel tanks show contamination. This is a widespread issue found in all types of fuel storage, itís essential to understand and maintain your fuel, clean and maintain with fuel treatment.

We use an enzyme fuel treatment Soltron.

Tank cleaning

The essential part of fuel management is tank cleaning, to reach and efficiently remove contaminated fuel it needs to be removed and gas freed for manual entry, once this has been completed cleaning can be undertaken and fuel can then be filtered back removing contaminants in the fuel and any water, a process which can take one to two days.

Fuel transfer & equipment

As part of our service we carry equipment that is suitable for each undertaking covering filtration / fuel polishing to large filter systems having in-hand transfer pumps and industrial vacuum cleaning systems for tank and fuel spills.

Our customers

Hitzinger UK ltd
Williams Shipping LTD
Sark Shipping Co Ltd
Golden Arrow Marine
Hanson Aggregates Marine Ltd
Gosport Inshore Lifeboat
Active Power Ltd
RB Wallace Ltd
Premiere Marine
M L UK Ltd
Oyster Yachts Ltd
Abbey Group
Power Torque Ltd
Shemara Refit LLP
Holyhead Towing
Stella Maris Yachting
Farmers and private yachts owners

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